Royal Oaks Golf Course

River Oaks Golf Course Men's League


Every Monday including holidays. SHOTGUN start at 5:30 pm (weather permitting).

Start Date:
Monday, May 4th, 2020, weather and course conditions permitting. The season will consist of eleven (15) games and including playoffs (barring any weather cancellations). If a Monday game is rained out, the game will be played on the following Monday at 5:30 pm sharp. See: Weather Cancellations.

Divisions will alternate play on front nine to back nine every week.

We are requesting that registration forms be filled out and priority will be given to last year's participants. However, if you are new this year and would like to join please download the registration form above and email or mail back to the included address. Only one form per team is required.

Registration fee of $30.00 per player and $330.00 for green fees for the eleven (15) game season. All fees due by April 23rd, 2019. Payment accepted by cheque, credit card or cash. If you usually take a cart you can also pre pay your cart fees for the fifteen games at the price of $75.00 per rider.

Mulligan Jar:
The mulligan jar will be available at the clubhouse front desk on Monday evenings prior to the first tee-off. The cost of $1.00 buys your mulligan which is only eligible on tee offs for that evening of play. Proceeds from the mulligan jar will go into the cash prize fund. One mulligan per player allowed. No mulligans permitted during playoffs.

Birdie Board:
The 'birdie board' format is changing this year. We are going to run a 'continuous score card'. This means that all participants will have their lowest scores from each hole over the regular season recorded. Prizes for first and second place will be awarded at the year end wind up. Entry into the Birdie Board competition must be declared and paid for by the second week of play. Entry fee is $10.00. Please indicate your full name on score cards. Birdie contest runs only during the regular season play, and will not be counted until the second week of play to balance the front and back nines.

Teams will consist of two players using handicaps from last year. League is divided into four divisions, Division A,B,C, and D.

Handicaps will be carried forward from last year's play and adjusted every week until the playoffs. Players will play through the playoffs using their regular season handicap. Newcomers to the Men's League will start with a 6 HCP and will be adjusted accordingly.

We are allowing players to find their own spares. Each spare will play at a six (6) handicap and their handicap will not be adjusted during the season. Keep in mind that at least one original team member must be present for the match. You cannot send two spares or the match will be considered forfeit.

To win hole a team must have a lower number of strokes than their opposition. Handicaps do affect the score of your team. The team with the lower total handicap must 'give' strokes to the higher handicapped team. The number of strokes 'given' is the difference between the team handicaps. You give strokes from toughest hole to easiest hole. If you must give more than 9 strokes you simply start the sequence again until all the strokes have been given. This is the order of the holes to give strokes on for each nine (F9: 8,6,3,9,7,1,2,4,5 / B9: 10,12,13,14,17,16,18,15,11). If there is a tie each team receives 1 point for the hole. Counting strokes properly is very important to the game of golf and the men's league does follow RCGA rules. Understanding relief, penalty strokes, and lost balls seem to give the most problems. Please consult the rules and when in doubt talk to the other team to get their consent.

Forfeiture of Game:
Should a team forfeit a game for failing to show for play, the opposing team will receive eleven (11) points. ALL games must be played on the Monday night unless there is a weather cancellation. NO games are to be booked and played at a later date.

Weather Cancellations:
If weather conditions are such that play is not recommended a decision will be made by 4:00 pm on Monday to cancel play for that Monday. The rained out Monday game will be played on the following Monday at 5:30 pm sharp. Please call the GOLF COURSE at 4:00 pm or check the Men's League page to find out the decision if weather is a concern. If there is any indication of a rainy season please be prepared to play 18 holes one evening during June.

The top four teams from each division will advance to the playoffs. SPARES are not permitted in the playoff rounds. The matches will be decided by a Draw to be made on the final night of regular season play. If there is a tie for total points then we will go to scorecard of the regular season game to determine the placing. If there is still a tie the team with the lower handicap will get the higher seeding. If there is still a tie, placing will be determined by a coin toss. Playoffs will be played on the designated Monday night.

Ties (Playoffs):
If two teams are tied after nine holes of play during the playoffs they will proceed to the first hole and continue play until a winner is determined. Handicapped holes will remain the same as the previous nine holes.

Will consist of cash prizes (a percent of the cash pot will be distributed to top placing in league play in each division, winners of each round of playoffs, winner of championship round and runner-up in championship round. Prize monies will come from original entry fee and mulligan jar proceeds (less the cost of wind up dinner).

Prize Breakdown:
The division of cash prizes for the playoffs will be as follow:

First Place in each Division (4) 2.5%

Winners of first rounds (8) 3%

Winners of second round (4) 5%

Winners of third round (2) 7.5%

Winner of Championship (1) 21%

Runner-up of Championship (1) 10%

Team Play Contests:
Teams will be made up of the teams from each division that do not make the playoffs. Teams will be paired with a team and handicaps will be utilized to make the teams as equal as possible. Rules of play to be established prior to the game.

Rain Delays:
After a match has started and weather conditions are such that play should be stopped, play will be considered stopped when one team returns to the clubhouse. Should play be unable to resume, games will considered completed after four (4) holes have been played and the remaining holes will be split in value, i.e. one point per team per hole for the remaining holes. If four (4) holes are not completed, the two teams will revert to the WEATHER CANCELLATION format, i.e. game to be played on the following Monday. If a score card is completed under the rain delay format, i.e. four (4) holes completed the scorecard will not be considered in handicap calculation or the Birdie Board score.

Championship Match and Dinner:
The wind-up and championship match date will be determined at a later date.