Royal Oaks Golf Course

River Oaks Golf Course Rules

Local Rules

  • RCGA rules govern all play.
  • Free lift: One club length away not nearer the hole from all newly planted trees. Two club lengths from all walks, roadways, French drains, and drainage ditches.
  • On the road, on holes #15 and #16 is out of bounds. Past the ditches on hole #1 is out of bounds.
  • Red stakes mark lateral water hazards. Drop ball within two club lengths of point of entry and count one stroke penalty.
  • Yellow stakes mark water hazards. Count one stroke and drop ball behind the hazard.
  • To the center of the green: red stakes = 100 yards, white stakes = 150 yards, blue stakes = 200 yards.


  • Each player must have a set of clubs, including a bag. (Unless special permission has been given by the course)
  • Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the golf course are allowed. All coolers and bags are subject to search.
  • Tee off between markers.
  • No fivesomes allowed. (Unless special permission has been given by the course)
  • Step up prepared to shoot. Any practice swings must be taken off the tee box in order to reduce wear and tear.
  • To reduce congestion and eliminate the possibility of injury, only golfers are allowed on the course.
  • Persons violating the above regulations will lose their playing privileges with no refund.